Success Story: SEO for Photography Industry

Navigating success in the photography industry through seo

How to Enhance Website Performance Through SEO Strategy

In this article I will share a case study about how I grew the organic search traffic of a photography website.

I started doing technical SEO by auditing and optimizing the site. Then, I researched and optimized keywords, created portfolio, landing pages and initiated the blog, and implemented a strategic backlink-building approach. These efforts significantly improved our presence in the competitive Asian and Sikh wedding photography niche. Here are a few tips to do SEO for photography industry.

Tip 1: Keyword Research and Optimization:

The focus of the campaign was to rank higher for Sikh wedding photography and Asian wedding photography terms.

I started research in London specific areas to see what people are searching. Quickly I realized I haven’t got prominent location specified on the website. So I identified the best keywords relevant to the wedding photography niche and the target audience, particularly focusing on Asian, Sikh, and Punjabi weddings in London. I conduct thorough keyword research using SEMrush and Google search console. I optimized website content, meta tags, and headings using these keywords. This process seems obvious but it needs great attention so don’t just stuff keywords but serve the user’s intent. If you want to replicate here are the few steps.

  • Find the competitors of the keyword in specified location.
  • Find the content gap between your website and top competitors.
  • Try to create the best pages that serves the purpose.
  • Check if the portfolio, pricing, how to hire and deliverables are mentioned clearly.
  • Location pages are good to build some relevancy in the near me keywords.
  • Cover different photography styles.
  • Portfolio is necessary for photographer so I created recent captured story pages.

Useful Blog:

Create engaging and informative blog posts related to Asian, Sikh, and Punjabi weddings, showcasing the studio’s expertise, photography tips, event highlights, and client testimonials. Regularly update the blog with high-quality, relevant content to drive organic traffic and engage the target audience. Here is a snapshop of few of our created blogs.

Blog Based Website Approach

Backlink Building Strategy:

Implement a strategic backlink-building strategy to enhance the website’s authority and credibility. Reach out to wedding industry influencers, photography bloggers, and relevant websites for guest posting opportunities or collaborations. Encourage satisfied clients to provide testimonials with backlinks to the Royal Bindi website. Engage in partnerships and collaborations within the photography community to secure valuable backlinks.

Backlink Building Strategy

Continuous Technical SEO Maintenance:

Continuously monitor and maintain the technical aspects of the website. Make sure the blogs and pages are indexed. Regularly update plugins, ensure proper site speed, and validate mobile responsiveness. Conduct periodic technical SEO audits to identify and rectify any new issues that may arise, keeping the website optimized for search engine performance. Technical SEO helps in addressing issues related to website speed, mobile optimization, URL structure, metadata, XML sitemaps, and overall site architecture. Ensure that the website is easily crawlable and indexable by search engines.

Regular Security Updates:

Continuous security updates and legitimate plugins or resources is important. I was working in wordpress and someone has used pirated plugin causing my website got malware affected. This has reduced the performance and I got thousands of unwanted pages indexed. I had to do cleanup and that has took alot of my time. So always take necessary backups and perform security check and updates.

The Problem

Royal Bindi faced a pressing challenge in the oversaturated online photography market. Despite their outstanding work, they struggled to distinguish themselves. Their competitors with more robust SEO strategies overshadowed them, hindering their ability to showcase their skill and commitment to capturing the essence of Sikh and Punjabi weddings.

The Solution

Recognizing the potential of SEO, we initiated a strategic transformation. We began by optimizing their website, generating high-quality content, and strategically incorporating keywords relevant to Asian, Sikh, and Punjabi weddings. We have built deep understanding of their target audience enabled them to tailor our approach and effectively connect with the right clientele.

Performance Before Our Work

Performance Before Our Work (2)

Performance After Our Work

Peformance After Work

Glimpse of Technical SEO

Performance Befor Semrush
Performance After Royalbindi

Mobile Usability

Mobile Usability (2)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions


Breadcrumbs Img


Https Img


The outcomes were nothing short of remarkable. Royal Bindi experienced a substantial increase in inquiries, bookings, and overall brand recognition. Their journey from struggling for visibility to becoming a trusted and recognized name in the industry attested to the transformative potential of SEO. You can check the progress of Royal Bindi and share thoughts.

The success story of Royal Bindi highlights the profound impact of SEO when coupled with creativity and unwavering dedication. They realized that, in addition to capturing moments, capturing the attention of their audience was the true essence of their craft.

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