Do Quora type backlinks help in increasing the ranking of a website?

Quora is one of the top online objections on the planet. This makes it an extraordinary spot to start the way toward making a site famous and improving rankings and traffic. What is Quora? Quora is an online questions and answers site with a different substance and client base. It is an extremely useful platform … Read more

Should we use Breadcrumbs if a Website has a plain URL Structure?

If someone restructured his website to make it less convoluted due to many subpages. Since the site is now pretty straightforward, but not sure if including breadcrumb navigation is still necessary. There are two aspects here. The question focuses on the user experience side, which is something definitely to think about, But purely from an … Read more

Does Change in CMS will affect Google Search Rankings?

Most likely, it will, but either positive or negative for your website in terms of what the final effect will be. Any time you’re changing your CMS, you’re making pretty big changes on your website, and sometimes people make these big changes because they want to improve things for SEO. It can be positive if … Read more

How user experience is measured by Google?

That’s super tricky. On the one hand, we don’t have a pure user experience ranking factor kind of thing, but rather we have individual things that kind of map into user experience, and the two parts that thought someone would call out are, and on the other hand, we have the page layout algorithm. Not … Read more

How would Google feel if we copied Reviews and Displayed them on our Web Pages as Opposed to just using the Widget to Display them?

There are two aspects one is the whole aspect and the other aspect is the structured data side. From Google’s point of view, you can include these reviews on your pages if you essentially treat them more as testimonials rather than reviews. And with regards to structured data on the pages, you can only use … Read more

Are Trust Seals a Good Way To Improve the EAT of a Website?

We should focus on what actually provides authenticity to users, where users actually feel trust about a website that they’re looking at. Obviously, if there are some specific qualifications that you have, then it makes sense to highlight that on a page, but just taking random seals and copying and pasting them on a website, … Read more