How to Do Free Site Audit For Technical SEO Using Ahrefs Tool

How To Audit A Site With Ahrefs Site Audit

Crawling your site with tools like Ahrefs is important for Technical SEO because it helps you identify issues that could be impacting your site’s performance in search engines. Ahrefs site audit can find broken links, missing meta tags, duplicate content, and other issues that can affect your site’s visibility and rankings. Regular crawls can help you stay on top of these issues and make improvements to your site’s SEO.

Free Ahrefs Site Audit

Free Ahrefs Site Audit:

Today I will show you how to start the new crawl on Ahrefs Tool.

  1. Create a account by Sign in with Google or Open already existing account.
Free Ahrefs Site Audit:

2. I have login my existing account.

I have login my existing account.

3: Create a Project:

create a project

4: Add the Project/Domain:

Add a project/domain

5: Create a project.

create a project

Here are four ways to verify your domain in Google Search Console, But here is the two easiest methods highlighted.

  1. Select Google Account: Choose the Google account associated with the domain property in your Google Search Console.
  2. HTML Tag: Click on the HTML tag, copy the tag, paste it into your site’s head file, and save it. Then, refresh the cache and click “Verify” to verify your domain property.
verification ownership

6: Set up crawl setting with you interest.

site audits

7: Schedule site audits. After complete setting click on “Finish”

crawl setting

8: Ahrefs Site Audit Crawl is Running Successfully!

Schedule site audits.

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