How would Google feel if we copied Reviews and Displayed them on our Web Pages as Opposed to just using the Widget to Display them?

How would google feel if we copied reviews and displayed them on our web pages as opposed to just using the widget to display them

Similar Question was asked to John Mueller:

There are two aspects one is the whole aspect and the other aspect is the structured data side.

From Google’s point of view, you can include these reviews on your pages if you essentially treat them more as testimonials rather than reviews. And with regards to structured data on the pages, you can only use this review structure data on your site in a case like this if you’re collecting the reviews yourself, so if it’s not something where you’re taking reviews from someone else’s site and copying them to your site.

So those are the aspects here. If you want to copy and paste these reviews, and you’re allowed to do so, then just make sure that you’re not using the review structure data for that.

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