Can a Good Passage Ranking Boost the Overall Ranking of a Website?

Can a good passage ranking boost the overall ranking of a website

Ranking still focuses on individual pages. The passage ranking part is more for if you’re in a situation where you have really long websites or really long pages, then it’s easier for Google to recognize this particular part of a web page is important and to rank that appropriately. But wouldn’t see it as something where you should go off and try to optimize individual parts of a page, but rather, you should try to optimize the whole page overall.

With regards to passage ranking and the overall ranking of a website, there is always some overlap in the sense of, if you have a website that has a lot of really long pages, maybe it’s easier for google to recognize what those pages are about. If you’re already focusing very much on SEO, then you might also say, well, instead of hoping that Google figures out what these individual parts of those pages are about, maybe somone should just split those pages into separate pages and work on them individually. That’s of course always an option as well.

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