How to Fix “Video Too Small” and “Video Too Tall” Issues in GSC?

How to Fix “Video Too Small” and “Video Too Tall” Issues in GSC?

Google Search Console (GSC) is a valuable tool for webmasters to monitor their website’s performance and identify any potential issues. Among the various error messages that can appear in GSC, “Video too small” and “Video too tall” are common occurrences, indicating that the video embedded on a page is not meeting Google’s minimum dimensions for proper indexing and rendering.

How to Fix "Video Too Small" and "Video Too Tall" Issues in GSC?

Causes of “Video Too Small” and “Video Too Tall” Errors

Video Too Small:
The video size is insufficient for indexing, as it needs to be larger than 140px in height and width, with the width being at least one third of the page width.
Video Too Tall:
If the video’s vertical size exceeds 1080px, it is too tall for consideration, and the height should be reduced accordingly.
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Addressing the “Video Too Small” Error

To resolve the “Video too small” error, ensure that the video’s height and width meet Google’s minimum requirements. These requirements are as follows:

  1. Height: At least 140px
  2. Width: At least 140px for videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio (most common)
  3. Width: At least one-third of the page width for videos with other aspect ratios

For example, if your page has a width of 1000px, the video’s width should be at least 333px for an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Addressing the “Video Too Tall” Error

The “Video too tall” error generally occurs when the video’s height is significantly taller than its width. This can make it difficult for Google’s crawlers to analyze the video correctly, potentially affecting its indexing and rendering.

How to Fix “Video Too Small” Issue in GSC?

To resolve the “Video too small” error, make certain that the video’s dimensions meet Google’s specified minimum requirements:

  • Height: Should be a minimum of 140 pixels.
  • Width: For videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the width should be a minimum of 140 pixels. For videos with other aspect ratios, the width must be at least one-third of the page width.

For example, if your webpage has a width of 1000 pixels, ensure that the video’s width is at least 333 pixels for a 16:9 aspect ratio. Following these guidelines will help optimize the video’s display and address the “Video too small” error in Google Search Console.


  1. Review Video Dimensions: Check the dimensions of the video in question. Ensure they align with Google’s recommended guidelines.
  2. Use Video Editing Software: If the dimensions are inadequate, utilize video editing software to resize the video while maintaining aspect ratio.
  3. Reupload the Resized Video: Once edited, reupload the resized video to your website. Update the video embed code if applicable.
  4. Fetch as Google: Use the ‘Fetch as Google’ tool in GSC to ensure that Google can now recognize and index the properly sized video.

How to Fix “Video Too Tall” Issue in GSC?

Resolving the “Video Too Tall” error involves similar steps, focusing on adjusting the video dimensions appropriately.

  1. Identify the Problematic Video: Determine which video is triggering the error and assess its dimensions.
  2. Utilize Video Editing Tools: Employ video editing tools to resize the video vertically, maintaining the aspect ratio for optimal viewing.
  3. Replace the Video on Your Website: Replace the tall video with the edited version on your website. Update any references or embed codes.
  4. Validate Changes in GSC: Use ‘Fetch as Google’ again to validate the changes and ensure the corrected video is recognized.


  1. Q: Why does Google Search Console show “Video Too Small” for my content?
    A: Google Search Console may flag your video as too small if its dimensions are below the recommended threshold.
  2. Q: What are the optimal video dimensions to avoid the “Video Too Small” issue in GSC?
    A: Ensure your video is larger than 140px in height and width, with width being at least one third of the page width.
  3. Q: Can “Video Too Tall” issues affect indexing in Google Search Console?
    A: Yes, videos exceeding 1080px in height may trigger the “Video Too Tall” problem. It’s crucial to keep video dimensions within recommended limits.
  4. Q: How can I resize a video to address the “Video Too Small” issue?
    A: Use video editing tools or platforms to adjust the dimensions, ensuring it meets or exceeds the specified size requirements.
  5. Q: Does the “Video Too Small” issue impact search engine rankings?
    A: While it won’t directly affect rankings, addressing this issue ensures that Google can effectively analyze and index your video content.

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