How to Disavow Links?

How to disavow links

What does it mean to Disavow a link?

Disavowing links means removing those toxic links from your website because of which your website ranking goes down. It helps to remove harmful links pointing to your site. If you believe your website’s ranking is being damaged by low-quality links which you are not able to control. You can ask Google not to take them into your account when checking out your website by disavowing your backlinks.

What Impact Backlinks Put on Your Website?

Backlinks are important to SEO. When another site links to your site, a backlink is created. Good backlinks help a website rank higher but bad backlinks can cause problems. Most backlinks are good, some are great, and others are toxic. Too many toxic backlinkscan harm your ranking.

So, it’s important for your website ranking to Disavow such toxic links.

Steps To Disavow Links By Semrush

Step 1: If You Have SEMRUSH Access Log In To Your Semrush Account

Step 2: Click On Backlink Audit and Go To Overview

Step 3: Click On the Audit or Red/Orange Colour Which Means Toxic Links Percentage

Step 4: Select The Toxic Links

Step 5: Click On The Button and Move the Selected Links To Disavow

Step 6: Click On Disavow Button and then Export Links To TXT

Step 7: Add TXT List To Search Console To Remove Disavow Links

Step 8: Go Back To Semrush Click Done!

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