Do Quora type backlinks help in increasing the ranking of a website?

Do quora type backlinks help in increasing the ranking of a website

Quora is one of the top online objections on the planet. This makes it an extraordinary spot to start the way toward making a site famous and improving rankings and traffic.

What is Quora?

Quora is an online questions and answers site with a different substance and client base. It is an extremely useful platform for getting answers to your questions as well as brushing up your writing skills by answering questions. Quora relies on a credit-based upvoting system. The more people that upvote your answer, the more exposure it gets. 

How does it work?

Individuals from around the world visit Quora for inquiries from a group of people who respond to them. Quora works on the principle of views and upvotes of your response. The more views and votes you collect on your questions, the more people will want to follow you.

What Google’s John Mueller said about Quora?

John Mueller answered a question about Quora asked on Google’s weekly office hours. Mueller suggested specific diagnostic tips then recommended the importance of Quora. 

Here is the question asked to Mueller:

“My question is that in a video proposed that if we do like answering questions on forums or communities like Quora it can help building authority or kind of backlinks for your site so is it helpful?”

John Mueller explaining about Quora:

John Mueller:

“In general, lot of the sites that use user-generated content use a nofollow on all of their links so it’s rare that you would get any kind of advantage out of that it’s also something where over the years we’ve seen that people try to you abuse this for link building and that they’ll go to forums and just add random unrelated comments and add their links to such forums and that’s something we would recognize as kind of almost borderline spammy behavior.”

Watch Mueller answering the question:

  • Not only Quora there are many other sites that provide a platform for users to ask questions or give answers to the asked questions.
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